Dog photo comment: *laughing*

“One of those people” vs. “you people”: We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that one because at 38, I’m fully aware of the weight of that statement. People who choose to be oblivious to race or those who are so entitled that they don’t ever have to worry about it will often not know the weight of their words. I’ve lost patience for it. In this case though, I think Couric just fumbled over her words.

Podcast: THANK YOU for finally looking at it. You didn’t have to go through the whole thing. I linked the NBC post in here, but yes, I do remember the Jesus debate. I mentioned it in my post. It still speaks volumes to me that all the debating they were doing about super controversial topics didn’t make her uncomfortable — only Denzel Washington challenging her wording of one question. Talking about Jesus and the War in Iraq is way more serious than that goofy question about celebrities speaking on voting.

The question itself: I find that question insulting. Celebrities vote like anyone else. I don’t understand why she asked it to begin with and him specifically knowing black people were beaten, dragged and sprayed — along with that idiotic guess-the-marbles quiz — in order to vote. So even asking black people — celebrity or not — about voting and politics is just wildly out of touch for me. She set herself up for that one.

Her feelings: Yep, she’s entitled to them. But I still stand by my opinion that as someone who I only have about one-third the experience of, that I would be far more uncomfortable with random execs having buttons that control opening/closing doors and sexual assault cases before I would the celebrity who had a semantics debate.

I always enjoy you weighing in. We don’t have to agree (and we clearly won’t on this issue). As mentioned, I want to hear your response and everybody else’s. I don’t need everyone to agree with me and tend to cringe by those who are overly complimentary. But the one thing I’m not…is “uncomfortable” with the debate!

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