Did you actually read the blog posts? I’m asking because I’ve worked for three papers. All it takes is a team of editors to hire staff writers and freelance writers who are already veteran writers to make this happen. I’ve edited entire financial manuscripts for adult education publications in three to four days. These books were about 200 to 300 pages. A simple blog can be 500 words.

I can easily (as an editor) read through 65 blogs in one day and edit for AP Style. I watched reporters walk in for the morning pitch, interview politicians, transcribe/quote, and write a news report before they even had coffee. And it takes me about three to four hours to write a well-constructed, fact-checked and researched post now as a freelancer for non-Medium publications. Does your guarantee actually involve reading any of those posts to make sure they’re not high-quality?

From a casual browse, I’m seeing bloggers writing about everything from finances to politics to legal advice and climate change and economics. These aren’t random first-year graduates with a Literary Arts degree.

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