Courtney, I appreciate the feedback. Thank you for reading. You go through a point where you really second-guess yourself and think, “Am I imagining this? Am I bugging out? No, I am absolutely positively without a shadow of a doubt NOT wrong here.” It took me a year to finally publish this post because it’s technically career suicide for any hiring manager who reads this and thinks you’ll write about them next. But right before I hit publish (finally), I considered the ramifications. “If [insert hiring manager/client’s name here] is insulted by this post, that means [he/she] is exactly like my past boss. And I definitely don’t ever in life want a boss like that again.” I wouldn’t work in a job like that again for six digits or seven. It’s just not worth it.

For that reason alone, I am most proud of this piece over anything else I’ve written on this site and a few others. What’s wild is I expected maybe five people to read it. Minus “The Skin I’m In” post about skin complexions and pantyhose and an artificial intelligence post on ZORA, this is my most popular post. I got quite a bit of behind-the-scenes feedback that was similar to yours. It’s a relief to hear that people survived this kind of treatment and walked away instead of just bowing down to someone who has zip zero respect for sistas at all.

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