Considering I am a walking, talking condom commercial who used to volunteer for HIV/AIDS organizations regularly, I cannot stress enough how much I agree with you regarding safe sex. But I swear people get so lost in the sauce about whose responsibility it is to have protection and how such-n-such knew this was a “onetime thing.” I’ll be World’s Biggest Prude my entire life, but I’m f**king up all the sexy time to ask about somebody’s STD/STI status and letting anyone know ahead of time that I do not want kids. I definitely wish more people would have that “what if” conversation beforehand.

P.S. With that said, I have had relatives and friends whose boyfriends did not seem to have any reserve about being parents up until she told him she was pregnant. Then *poof* they’re gone. Or, there was the melodramatic whining about how they already had kids. With that said, I still say it’s 50/50 that both of them need to take precaution. If she’s not on birth control, he needs to use condoms. If he is allergic to latex, find another brand. And so on and so forth…

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