Bitch: Unless you're giving white people and every other group that same lecture about using the word "bitch" in a song (or all the white people who said it in that same video), I'm not trying to hear it. I say "bitch" in a song all day long and will NEVER call a woman a bitch unless I'm absolutely irate. I also don't use the n-word.

Cross her legs: Her legs are not gaping open. She's just sitting in a chair. And telling a woman to cross her legs so some simple-minded racist fools don't find a reason to criticize her is the kind of tap-dancing nonsense I cannot stand. She shouldn't need a PR rep if a white woman took that SAME photo in that SAME pose and wasn't criticized for it. Models take all kinds of awkward angles and poses.

Malia: She took a bunch of shit for smoking a cigarette, like no white teenager or adult on Earth has ever smoked weed or cigarettes before. Again, unnecessary and petty scrutiny.

"Media on the left": This has zip zero to do with Melania Trump playing with her vagina or posting nudes. That's not what this post is about nor will you change the subject to that. This post is about a young lady wearing a bikini that can be found at any beach and a boy being told he looked dangerous for wearing locks. Stick to the subject at hand.

You: I just read one of your posts and stopped at this line: “I can tell you that many of us fled to America because we prefer ‘white supremacy’ to how tribalism and corrupt leaders would treat us back home.” I got a vibe like you had a “white is right” mentality, but this is startling even for my suspicion. From that alone, you are in a self-hating group that cherishes white people disrespecting you in a way I neither tolerate nor humor. Don’t drag Sasha Obama, Malia Obama nor me into that world. Stick to hanging out with white people and hoping they accept you with the locks you were too scared to still wear. We need not speak further.

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