Bingo! That's why I wrote "Want to combat your prejudices? Expose yourself to ‘others’ ~ The German Shepherd question that explains my take on racism." Once we're conditioned to believe someone is bad, it's like a Domino effect. I can't say my German Shepherd was an absolute angel.

In another post “My dog knows more about men than I do,” I talked about her going absolutely ballistic when one guy tried to approach me to get my number, but being stone-cold quiet and sitting pretty for two others. All three men were black. Only difference was one was lighter-skinned, and only one was over 6'0. She lost her absolute mind over one of the darker-skinned, shorter guys but not the other one who was also dark-skinned and tall or light-skinned and short. To this day, I still don’t understand why she transitioned into Cujo. It was the most bizarre dating advice I ever got.

I do not want to downplay whatever the garbage men were doing to your dog. I just scratch my head about why just the garbage men somehow translated to the ENTIRE male species. They must've done a number on him, which is very disappointing.

Anyway, thank you for reading.

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