Bernie Bros drive me insane. They’re about as annoying as the Yang Gang. They’re always just too much. I had the hardest time choosing a candidate when I got my mail-in voter ballot. I thought I knew who I was voting for, but Warren, Biden and Sanders have impressed me at different times. Hell, I voted for Sanders (in primaries 2016) and tried to talk my parents and grandfather into doing it, too, even though they were sold on Clinton. But his supporters are so irritating. It’s like the sitcom scene of a frat party.

And if I hear one more Bernie Bro bring up MLK, I’m going to scream. I already said how I felt about white people bringing up MLK as their go-to without knowing the struggles he went through during the Civil Rights Movement. And I respect Bernie, but I’m also side-eyeing him for the way he has dodged race-related questions in debates. No matter what topic comes up, he circles right back to Medicare and climate change, as if those are the only two things going on in the entire world.

His whole base has made me question my 2016 support for the man. And just completely ignoring who actually voted for Biden and dismissing nine states in support of him on Super Tuesday, summing them all up as over 50 and assuming they couldn’t be “the people you need on the ground” just sounds like Khaki Privileged Pride to me.

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