Before I say anything else, thank you for reading the post and commenting. I appreciate it. Now that I’ve said that, I love “Black-Ish.” Your spoiler wasn’t a major spoiler and it didn’t ruin the episode, but I do remember that scene. I specifically remember the one with Junior calling out Dre for asking a woman to smile. That made me think of my post “Why I won’t smile on command.” There is an annoying sense of entitlement. But John Legend (a man) understood why the song was problematic, so I have to give it up to him for remaking the song with Kelly.

However, for this particular post, my much-larger issue was that it was two women who were agreeing that remaking the song was unnecessary. While the nail tech egged it on, and started giving me Trump supporter vibes, I was just as disappointed in the older, black woman who ended up co-signing with her. That is the larger gripe with me. If women cannot even get on the same page when it comes to consent, how in the world do we get mothers raising sons to get their children to be on that same page? Both an older black woman and an older white woman were in agreement that the song didn’t need to be rewritten or remade. While the larger issue does speak to a song about a man being a wee bit too aggressive to get a woman to stay over at his place, I’m more concerned with women having a problem with the remake.

Because if that’s the “too hard” attitude that they have toward a song, it makes me wonder what an older generation is telling their sons.

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