Bean pie: Y’know, now that I think of it, I haven’t tried it again ever since. I’m a vegetarian so clearly I eat lots of beans, but nope, no pies. Maybe I could attempt it one more time since I brought it up. I still haven’t figured out how to make baked beans better than Bush’s, but I know their secret is hella sugar and I’m trying to dodge.

The vagina accusation: That left a jarring impression — one because I just quietly slipped it into her open jacket while she was laying down. Accusing me of trying to touch her boob would’ve made far more sense. But for her to immediately come to that conclusion while she decided to just sleep in the lobby of a movie theater (if you’ve ever been to downtown Chicago, there’s a theater that has this lower-level area and then you go up escalators to this ginormous theater/eatery area) made me wonder if that had actually happened to her in real life. I know women dodge shelters. Maybe she had a flashback. I dunno.

Your sign: I get it. I don’t knock it. I’ve seen many, many people give money. It just seems like I have the worst luck when I do. There was a gym I used to go to, and a veteran would stand up next to my driver’s side door and just stare or yell in my direction for money. There’s a level of aggression, and it could just be desperation from people ignoring them. I’ve found objects to be way less stressful to give. Actually two weeks ago a lady followed me walking a dog and asked for money. I told her I didn’t have anything on me, which I seriously did not. She suggested following me home. I told her I just wasn’t comfortable with that idea. She started screaming about “liars” at the top of her lungs.

Personally, I wish I had your luck. I’d just give people the money and be done with it. Anywho, still a good read. Happy Friday! :-)

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