As soon as I started reading this piece, Hasan Minhaj came to mind before I got to this line. And of these five, I’d still rather date Hasan (if he wasn’t married already). The hair, the hip-hop background, the fact that he defended Affirmative Action, etc. And he was cute way before “The Patriot Act.” But I’m clearly speaking from a different perspective than what Mainstream America considers to be attractive. The Chrises are cute, but Chris Evans became way more handsome to me when he jumped up to help Regina King onstage. I certainly paid more attention to him then.

The Jason Momoas of the world sit somewhere in between, appealing to both crowds. But I respect that Issa Rae decided to anger a crowd who was already mad at her and hire Alexander Hodge to be “Asian Bae” on “Insecure.” Instead of letting people shame her for a comment she made in her book, she doubled down. I noticed a helluva lot of sistas who really weren’t checking for Asian men suddenly going, “Wait, why am I not?” And Alexander is dating a brown-skinned sista in real life. She’s all over his Instagram page, so it wasn’t even just for a check.

Little steps like these should hopefully make people reevaluate their stereotypes. As far as Kumail Nanjiani, I have never followed his career so I didn’t see the transition. I just see him all ripped now and still don’t understand the big deal. If goofy ass Dave Chapelle can have muscles, so can Kumail Nanjiani. It is what it is.

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