As someone who consistently turns down plastic straws and carries my stainless steel straws everywhere, I concur. Then again, you were preaching to the choir with me from the headline alone. My Twitter bio already says Dogs > Diamonds. I’ve just never been a big fan of expensive jewelry. Hell, I wore cheap costume earrings all through elementary school until I got an ear infection. By default, I was one of those kids who had to wear real gold and real silver for health reasons. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t spend more than $15 on earrings ever.

Rings? I pawned my high school and graduation rings years ago when I was laid off from a newspaper. Pretty decent money because gold was a big deal. But I must admit I missed those damn rings. It took me five years to care, but I bought two new rings to replace them last year. And guess what? I hate them. I realized it wasn’t the rings I liked so much as the memories of when I bought them the first time during those graduations. The new ones are annoying to me and I barely wear them. Oddly, they cost more than my original ones! I treasure the photographs and journal entries on those days way more than the rings though. They’re not diamond but still pricey and pointless.

I’m not married, so I’m not sure what my take on that would be. But I do know for sure that when I see diamonds while shopping for other jewelry, it’s kinda like looking at cats for me. I see why other people like them, but I just have no desire to own one.

(Sorry if you’re a cat lover. I cannot remember if we had that conversation before. Bad analogy if you are, but it was the best example I had.)

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