And you can stop leaving responses to me right about now from these accounts you keep creating, Nina (or even worse, someone like Nina). I lost respect for your opinion on anything once you had the privileged, tone-deaf, oblivious and offensive opinion that one night of cheating before the two-year marriage was equal to slavery/racism. This is the kind of goofy shit that happens when white women defending feminism have no clue about racism; you speak absolute bullshit with conviction. Every problem becomes yours and yours is so much more important. Whyyyyyy meeeee? Your timing could not have been worse.

I hope your “friends” learn to “hate” your opinions and do better. But luckily, we would never ever ever ever be in the same social circle, so I don’t have to worry about this kind of bizarre and spoiled diatribe within my own crew. Let’s kick off that social life you claim to have on Hump Day. My guess is it’s filled with tragedies of everyone else’s lives but yours. Find a therapist like your “friend” did — and deal with your own self-entitlement issues before you dare to criticize anyone else.

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