American history has long fallen into Trump’s ideology — for 400 years. The constitution has proven it. I unapologetically have absolutely no interest in speaking to anyone who defends Trump. Period. His logic is not just an “agree to disagree” discussion. His logic is killing people and imprisoning children. His logic is leading to xenophobia, transphobia and another round of hate crimes for black folks who were already dealing with that during all the rest of the presidential terms. But now you can just punch a black man while he’s walking up the steps and don’t even have to apologize. My feet are firmly on the ground about this one, and I’m not budging. This isn’t a “my favorite show is ______________” or “this team is better” debate. I want my skinfolk to survive to get to the next generation, and history keeps proving we’re struggling to everything from barbecue to jog to sleep in the library to deliver UPS packages in fucking peace.

This is not groupthink for me — or black people, period. We’re just trying to breathe and mind our business. I’ll let white people GAF about the “wishes and feelings” of those who support Trump. You all have the luxury of doing so without being shot dead in the street. Minorities don’t. Again, the penguin image is not distracting me from very white and very privileged views. You have the ability to sit and have tea with folks trying to hang us from trees. I’d rather they disappear altogether. I SAID IT AND I MEAN IT! I was hoping that generation would die off (peacefully, unlike their feelings) and not pass their hate down to the next generation.

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