Although I agree with you that there are consequences, a columnist keeps coming to my mind. He (black male) was mad that I called someone out during an editorial meeting for drowning a story of mine in typos, and a host of other things, and he hissed at me that “you would never act like that with white people.” That bothered me so much — the fact that he decided me speaking up was only something black people did with black people. I would’ve done the exact same thing no matter the person. I don’t feel like one group is beneath the other or I can get away with it with one group over the other. I can say from example that I’ve had editorial debates with at least three different races of people. It’s what editors do. He considered it being “an asshole.” I considered it “doing your job.”

So there’s a little bit of complications when some of us have that “white folks are looking at you” mindset that Wanda Sykes talks about. My motto remains the same: “Let them look then!”

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