All right, so after I blew my entire morning and afternoon of Daylight Savings Time after the Jesse Jackson endorsement, here is my answer to your question:

“Why the Bernie EBros are a disservice to Bernie supporters ~ How Bernie Sanders’ followers made me support Joe Biden even more

Before you read this, the simple answer is this: We already know what Joe Biden’s resume looks like under the Obama presidency. We can already visually see what he’s done while working with Obama for eight straight years. This isn’t the ’60s, ’70s or ’80s, before attitudes changed regarding everything from same-sex marriage to criminal justice reform. I DO NOT want to focus on what you did decades ago. I want to know what you did right now — and my right now is from 2008 and onward. (And it doesn’t include sloppy editing jobs of an Obama endorsement that never came.)

While Bernie wows people with a new health care plan, Biden lost loved ones to cancer so I know that’s near and dear to his heart. I also need the Affordable Care Act to stay in place, as a full-time freelancer.

I have heard his supporters go on and on about what he’s done decades ago. That was enough for me to want Trump off the ticket and to vote for him in the primaries of 2016 and Clinton on Election Day. But to be honest, I wasn’t elated with either one of them, although I liked Sanders more. But this time around, his followers are pissing me off. That’s the truth. I cannot handle the arrogance of them nor the moderator having to tell Bernie Sanders to actually answer questions related to race when he moves to climate change. All I hear from him at every single debate (unless prompted to switch direction is climate change/Medicare/climate change/Medicare/climate change/Medicare). As a black woman, I need to know your proven track record on other topics, and it can’t be funding prisons (as already linked).

And now you can read my post.

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