Again, you keep speaking in terms of white people. I clearly wrote a post that addressed the problem so this part about “no one wants to address this problem” doesn’t hold up. There have been black authors who self-published books with black leads, so they have the guts. The subhead and mid-level area of the post introduced Young, Black & Lit, an organization that distributed more than 5,000 books with black main characters — again, they have the guts. Did you actually read the post because you keep making these comments that either don’t directly relate to what I wrote or are just dismissing the people who are doing something to change it? Even your “nothing changes” doesn’t make any sense, considering I repeatedly talked about a white female author, Ann M. Martin, personally writing me a letter and Jessica as a main character.

At this point, I’m ready to bring this conversation to a close. Your idea of “no one” apparently begins and ends with white people, and this is precisely the problem.

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