Again, this sounds like the kind of lazy response from someone who does not want to look it up themselves. We are voting in 2020, not 1975. You all really have a problem with calendars. You can find the answer to the prison question too but I will link that. The rest sounds like wasting a Saturday arguing with two equally annoying crews: Yang Gang and Bernie Bros. I literally am “beyond caring" about debating you point for point. I voted for Sanders in the primaries 2016 and Biden in primaries 2020. If Biden loses the primaries, I will grudgingly vote for Sanders on ED. But I do not humor children or puppies who pout when they don’t get their toys, so I am just not really interested in grown men who dismiss democracy when it does not go their way. Your whole vibe in BOTH messages sound like the complainer on the couch who won’t vote. I already stated my piece about Trump as an alternative.

Take care. Enjoy your weekend.

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