Again, here we go with the misguided comments:

* Cardi B. is in a monogamous relationship with ONE man, and we've never seen Megan Thee Stallion sleep around with anybody. I've seen her hang out with a few, but that's it. I've danced to "I Love It" (as stated in the footer), and if dancing to a “ho” song equates to being a ho, then I’m failing at it — big time. I’ve been advocating for STD/STI prevention for years, including volunteer work for HIV AIDS awareness organization.

* They didn't encourage "anyone" to sleep around nor do you see/hear that in ANY of the lyrics. One of them is clearly talking about her husband, and the other one is rapping about tuition and sex. She was also enrolled in college to study Health Administration. Would I like them to rap about something else? Clearly. Cardi has done other kinds of songs before.

* That "submissive" idea sounds absolutely stupid. I hear the same tears of shame when women are dancing suggestively for men. Then a certain segment of the population complains about women dancing for men. Pick one! Can’t be both. I've been doing hip-hop dancing since '99. As mentioned in the post, they haven't done one move I haven't done. It's just dancing. Revisit my NASCAR analogy. One does not equate to the other. If your idea of a ho is anyone in skimpy clothes, then I guess the entire flock of Victoria’s Secret models and every bikini/underwear/lingerie model ever must be “hos” too.

* If they're "too talented" to sell their body, then you better have these same complaints about ALL models and every actor/actress in a sex/intimacy scene, not just black and Latina women who rap.

At no point did I say every woman agrees with dancing around IN LINGERIE or RAPPING about vaginas. I clearly said in the very first paragraph of a post you clearly didn't read that I wasn't feeling it and why I came around to it. You just wanted to complain. Again, this sounds like sexual frustration to me. You joined Medium to complain about two women rapping about enjoying sex, and that speaks volumes. You also sound like someone who knows zip zero about hip-hop but wanted to weigh in. Talk to me when you can tell me what the four elements are. Until then, there’s no need to tell me anything hip-hop related.

Check out her four Medium pubs: BlackTechLogy, I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. Visit to read about her.

Check out her four Medium pubs: BlackTechLogy, I Do See Color, Tickled and We Need to Talk. Visit to read about her.