After this, I’m done drowning comments all over your post. (I’m sorry, but you can clearly tell from my own profile that this was going to make me run scrambling to your page. I was minding my business watching “Black Ink Chi” when this alert popped up in the background. I saw the title and jammed my thumb into it.)

This is a line that I think should be a big quote. I cannot argue with this one and won’t even try. I tried to look at this from both viewpoints, but historically speaking, this is just flat-out true. It is even more true if you can live in a world where your whole neighborhood looks like you and you have no exposure to other groups. Considering three quarters of white people reportedly have no white friends but studies like this can predict “whiteness” just from saying “owns a pet” do hurt the point I was initially trying to make about dog lovers. If your exposure is limited, it is far more likely that you can “humanize” a dog before humanizing black folks.

Right now, if I have to choose between never walking and/or owning another dog versus Joshua Brown (Botham Jean’s friend who was killed) still being alive, I’d choose Joshua still being alive. As much as I love dogs, there is a protectiveness over black folks (especially ones who bravely stand up knowing their lives are on the line) that has a much deeper level of love in my heart. So yeah, I get it.

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