Adele, my fellow dog lover! Thank you for reaching out. I read this message earlier today while this Neighborhood Watch dog was pulling me down the street and I just realized I never responded.

Writing style: Thank you very much. I really appreciate that.

Rescue dogs: I have had this conversation with my mother over and over again. She wants a puppy, and I always tell her don’t count out rescue dogs. But man every time I walk one it’s like trying to get to know a teenager. The personality has already formed and you just kinda have to roll with the punches.

Nordstrom’s: That’s hilarious. Just pulling it right out of the sky. I LOL when I first read that.

Counter-surfer: I remember my Lab yanking a full steak off of a counter while my father was barbecueing. We’re still laughing about that. I know all about counter-surfers. I also know of dogs who will freaking steal your tea! This is the one thing that makes small dogs seem like a breeze. If you leave stuff on the counters with them, you know you’re good. But then I dog boarded a pup over Christmas who I could not find anywhere. He was just sitting under my parents’ bed. That bed was maybe a good six to seven inches from the floor, and this Chihuahua mix is just hanging out looking around. Scariest game of hide-and-seek when you don’t know their go-to spots.

I could trade these dog war stories all day long. It’s always a pleasure to find someone who can relate!

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