A childhood friend of mine did something weird like this to a guy we were mutually cool with. The three of us met up to hang with him in front of his house. She just blurted out, “Can I see your penis?” all out of nowhere. He looked so mortified. Even worse, because we were teenagers and y’know how bodies have a mind of their own, he “rose.” But his face did not match the bottom half of him. So me and the second friend of mine averted eye contact and kept our eyes glued to his face or just over his shoulder.

The third friend just kept laying into him. I just felt bad for the man. My second friend and I saw him on our own another day and sat there chilling and talking to him for hours. It was so much less stressful without the aggressive friend around. That taught me a lot about how some men do not find extra aggression sexy. Before that moment, I would’ve guessed teen boys would just whip it out on command. I took that childhood lesson as a “point taken” and kept it with me through my adult life.

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