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“I don’t want Mexicans coming over here to the United States,” he said to me. “All Mexicans are criminals anyway.”

When he made the comment, my head shot back like someone punched me. This was unlike the time a white woman instructor told an Asian student to “go back to…

Photo credit: (Walt Disney Television/ABC/Heidi Gutman via Flickr)

“People of color are magical,” Ellen Pompeo said on an episode of “Red Table Talk” at the 12:44 mark. She went on to describe POCs as “mystical and powerful and beautiful and spiritual and strong and excellent at what they do.”

I’m guessing her views of being a “fan” of…

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If you haven’t watched Quinta Brunson in ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” you’re missing out. As much as I pouted about her leaving the equally funny “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” I knew Quinta was onto something as soon as I saw the duo sketch between her and Tyler James Williams on…

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“That is the most unromantic reason to lose your virginity that I’ve ever heard,” my mother said to me.

I laughed in response. “Hey, man, I didn’t want anyone to one-up me anymore. Everyone around me knew how to do it but me.”

She rolled her eyes, mimicking one of…

Photo credit: Tim Templeton/Wikimedia Commons

Imagine walking into a job interview knowing that 49.39% won’t take you seriously if they see your tattoo. Reading that poll result from Workopolis caught me a little off guard. It’s not that I’m unaware some people don’t like tattoos. It’s more that the average person I meet these days…

Shamontiel L. Vaughn

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