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Imagine strolling through the middle of the mall when someone tells you there’s a shooter on the loose. He’s spraying bullets at every store. He doesn’t give a damn what race you are, what religion you are, what culture you identify with or what gender box you check. He’s trying to kill everybody.

But instead of heading toward a nearby exit door to get away from the shooter, you head toward the shooter. Instead of heading to an empty store with the lights out, a place where you may be able to hide, you walk right into the full-lit lobby.

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There is an upside and a downside to being on a condo board and not living in the building. Condo board members are not required to live in the building (depending on your bylaws, but usually unit owners cannot ban those who live outside of the property from joining), and it certainly makes it easier to maintain a level of privacy.

If you’re living in the building, don’t be surprised when other condo unit owners (or tenants who ignore their landlords) will ring your (a board member’s) doorbell or knock on your door unannounced. If you give out your personal…

In a work-from-home environment, are we forgetting the basics of job interviews?

My dog of 9 years: Faith (Photo credit: Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

I trotted into the credit union groggily, barely awake and intent on gobbling down my fast food breakfast. I’d been working on and off at my mother’s job since I was a pre-teen, and this was quarterly mailing time, where we printed out statements and sent brochures to all the members. She’d been a credit union manager for well over three decades, so this place was my second home. I got paid four Saturdays of the year for this kind of work plus summer needs. Even pre-coffee, I was prepared to both train and complete the entire job with a…

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Every time it seems that news of ride-sharing services are quiet, here comes Uber to shake the table again. Recently, CNN reports that Uber struck a deal with a California regulator to reduce a $59 million fine after the ride-sharing company did not hand over data related to sexual assault incidents in the West Coast state.

Additionally, the California Public Utilities Commission had made plans to go after Uber’s operation license in Cali if they wouldn’t comply. …

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For business and leisure travelers, walking around an airport or traveling to certain cities is as easy as walking from their living rooms to the kitchen. But for those who are not as comfortable with navigation (and just getting back into the swing of things after COVID-19 vaccinations), Google Map’s latest 100 artificial intelligence improvements will come in handy.

According to Google’s official blog, augmented reality and its global localization technology can scan tens of billions of Street View images to figure out where you are in airports, malls and public transit stations. Live View will assist smartphone users trying…

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Unless you wanted to brave your way in a retail store to fight over toilet paper, hand sanitizer, alcohol and cleaning supplies throughout 2020, chances are you opted for a grocery delivery app service. In March 2020 alone, first-time online grocery shoppers ages 60 and up did so for the first time at 39 percent.

While nonessential businesses such as restaurants and movie theaters continue to re-open in 2021, grocery stores and grocery delivery workers have fought the good fight for more than a year of social isolation and coronavirus scares. And the customers have not stopped.

Recommended Read: “Online…

I know my dog Junee is getting over on everyone with her looks. Sometimes it works on me, too. (Photo credit: Shamontiel L. Vaughn)

I sighed when he walked past me and did a 90-degree turn. I always wear sunglasses and headphones to make sure people don’t just randomly try to start a conversation with me pre-coffee in the early morning hours. I am not a morning person, but my dog is and that’s her right. I cannot speak for all dog owners. But when I walk out the door, my sole goal is dog-to-owner time, for her to get some exercise and then to relieve herself. When Goals 1, 2 and 3 are checked off, I’m good to go. I already know my…

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Property managers and landlords may have to navigate payments from a lot of different tenants and condo owners when it comes to collecting rent and assessments. Using accounting online rental payment services like PayScale or PayPal Business probably makes sense initially — unless you’re dealing with a Millennial or Generation Z, who is hung up on the processing fee.

And for property managers or landlords who still insist on cash (with receipt) or checks, this is a recipe for record-keeping disaster, on top of relying on an unpredictable postal system. I don’t know about you, but I cannot remember the…

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