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Free facial recognition software may assist in your social media branding

A facial recognition site brought up results I’d rather un-see

Facial recognition software is one of those areas of technology that I’m both fascinated with and loathe. In the right hands, it’s a useful tool to be able to police your own photos as well as those of someone who you may be interested in (romantically or professionally). So when I heard about free facial recognition software site PimEyes, I was excited to see what the results would be. …

Cameo raises $100 million Series C funding for celebrity video messages

The first piece of advice that veteran writers should give to entertainment reporters is, “Make your inner fan chill out.” I say that from experience. I once burst out, “I’m such a groupie for you” to MC Lyte and wince about it to this day. Even for the one group that I acted like a legitimate groupie for — Immature aka IMX, specifically Romeo — I would have never in a million years said that to the trio. What I meant to say to this music legend was “I’ve been a huge fan of you for decades and respect your…

Free Black Therapy offers free virtual therapy for patients with no health coverage

When “Queen Sugar” made its fifth-season return in February, viewers weren’t sure what the Bordelon siblings would be up to. It turns out this trio and family were dealing with what viewers dealt with throughout 2020 — a Trump presidency, the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, news of the George Floyd murder and increasing unemployment. And a conversation with Aunt Vi may have been the most memorable of the entire season.

“How long is this gon’ go on?” Aunt Vi asked her niece, Charlie. “People are not gon’ stay at home forever. People need people, to touch and feel each…

Virtual dating hit its peak in a pandemic world

2021 may have had the weirdest Valentine’s Day ever, considering it was the first one in nationwide social isolation. In 2020, non-essential businesses didn’t start shutting down in droves until March. This year, those same restaurants, amusement parks and other date night locations that were fighting to stay open on Valentine’s Day were at risk of being closed permanently. With vaccinations open to the public and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirming it’s OK to go out maskless after two shots, Sweetest Day in October may be the makeup day.

But a year’s worth of this worldwide…

The Weeknd announced his first NFT drop of exclusive art and music in April

In the past few weeks, digital currency has taken on noticeable popularity. Visa started permitting the use of USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions. PayPal was already allowing users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies, and now users can utilize the “Checkout with Crypto” payment platform. And digital artists and music artists have taken notice of the cryptocurrency industry, too.

On April 3, The Weeknd announced a blockchain deal with Nifty Gateway. Via Twitter, the Super Bowl LV halftime show headliner released new music and limited edition art from Strange Loop Studios.

Other artists, such as Osinachi, a Nigerian artist…

Black and Latino bank gives monthly gift of $10K to Black and Latino businesses

When lyricist Michael “Killer Mike” Santiago Render became popular for the hashtag #BankBlack in 2016, it made sense that he would be a guest speaker for one of 19 remaining black-owned banks: OneUnited Bank. Then, in 2019, came Netflix’s “Trigger Warning,” with his mission to try to only live off of and support black-owned products for three days. (This became a much bigger challenge than he expected, even though author Maggie Anderson did it for a year.)

So it was all but a given that he’d continue on with his feat of trying to support and recycle funds with black-owned…

Get your tech black history lesson all year round, not just February

In both public and private schools, students usually get that one paragraph in black history books that highlights the same handful of people (for good reason). But how often do we learn about African- and African-American history in business and technology happening then and now? From hip-hop investors to science labs, computer nerds are underestimated and often handsomely compensated. Check out how much you know about some of these techies below.

Question 1: Which computer scientist developed the animation used to create GIFs? (Side note: Steve Wilhite and his CompuServe team are created with GIFs.)

A. Mark Dean

B. Lisa…

Vaccinations are available to all, but who doesn’t want $500K from the Mask Innovation Challenge?

A lot has changed since mid-April when COVID-19 vaccinations opened up to all 50 states. The Mask Innovation Challenge has closed its submissions for the two-phase competition to create an “effective and comfortable” face mask that would still meet a specific health criteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that those who have gotten both vaccination shots can move around without masks, this competition may have come in handy far more in 2020. (We all know why that wouldn’t have happened.) …

Shopify 101: What you need to know ahead of time

Are you new to Shopify or a connoisseur in selling and buying online? The setup process for creating a Shopify store is pretty easy to do. But what is the full cost of selling through Shopify? Let’s find out.

Choosing your startup rates to sell on Shopify

Whether you’re a serious seller or don’t know where to start (or what to sell), Shopify offers a 14-day trial to figure it out. (If the site is not for you, and you cancel before the 14 days are up, you’re not charged.)

Basic Shopify

For $29 per month, you will receive the following:

  • Online store
  • Sales channels
  • Gift cards
  • Shopify point-of-sale (POS)…

From the basketball court to the football field to the tech table

You may know the teams they play for and their game scores, but how much do you know about athletes who have entered the tech world? Take this eight-question quiz to test your tech skills. (Answers are at the bottom of this page.)

Question 1: Which former NBA player became a venture partner with ADvantage Sports Tech Fund?

A. Michael Redd

B. Leandro Barbosa

C. Dorell Wright

D. Andrew Bogut

Question 2: Which American football coach created HIGHandTIGHT equipment used to reduce fumbles on the field?

A. Mike Tomlin

B. Sean McVay

C. Tony Dungy

D. Tom Creguer

Question 3…

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