36DD here, and I just do not feel comfortable without a bra. When I was a 34B cup and a 36C cup, yeah, I could get by. Although nipples saying hello to people just isn’t the way to go for me. But wearing a bra is not a big deal to me at all. I have so many free bags and wallets and coin purses from Victoria’s Secret that at some point I started giving them away. So while I’m not physically the target market they’re advertising in commercials and ads, I damn sure am a loyal customer. The reason? I have tried bras from countless other retail stores. They all make me want to take the bra off. But VS bras are made for comfort. I can wear those Everyday Bras to sleep and forget about them.

I remember Whitney Cummings saying that a wire bra feels like you’re leaning over a gate. All that made me wonder was why she was wearing a bra that tight around her chest area that it would be pulling on her like that. Anyway, while I’m not sold on going braless (for heavier chests, it’s just too all over the place for me; feels like someone has Clackers fighting inside of my shirt) I can agree with you when it comes to finding the right bra and the correct size.

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